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My history with Specials is complicated. Stay out of my way and don't hurt anyone with your ability, or someone with an ability, and we'll get along just fine.

But lay a finger on my Claire-Bear and you'll never see the light of day again.

Nice meeting you. ;;

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Twice Is My Fault || Tracy & Noah || V6 W6 || Late Saturday Morning


She nodded, taking his hand and giving it a friendly squeeze. “It’s alright—” She said, smiling small, “I’m just glad you pulled through…” Last night she hadn’t remembered the last time she had been so worried. She didn’t know what it was, but in the last few weeks she had come to regard Noah as more of a friend then she ever had in the history of their acquaintance. 

"You—" She raised her eyebrows, "Are a very lucky man.” She said, “The doctor said that had you been brought in any later…” She didn’t finish the sentence, instead shaking her head. Then. She laughed softly, “You definitely have someone watching over you.” She joked, not realizing how true the statement was. “I don’t know if it’s God or whatever— But I personally,” She smiled at him, “Am very grateful.” 

She tilted her head, looking him in the eye for a few moments. “The doctor says you’re going to need to give yourself a lot of rest for awhile, give yourself time to heal…” She raised an eyebrow, “And I expect you to follow through on that.” She said. Somehow she just got the idea that that was probably the first rule Noah would break. He seemed like the sort to do that. Only thing was to make sure he didn’t, by keeping an eye on him. 

"I know," he replied quietly, remembering snippets here and there of him slipping out of consciousness. The fact that it was not a straight line of memory was concerning enough. Noah tensed at the joke. Tracy did not realize how accurate her words were — even if the person that had been watching over him had not done it with the intention of wanting to keep him safe.

Or so Claude kept protesting.

Noah smiled to her at what was all but an order. “I’m not going to try to run any marathons any time sooner, if that’s what you expect,” he said, mostly dodging the question and what she had obviously meant. It was not more than a long pause under Tracy’s gaze, though, before he sighed. “I will… listen to my body.”

"I know I cannot pull the long hours I did before, or go after threats blindly again anytime soon…. But I do need to work. And try to protect this school as much as possible." A lump formed at the back of his throat over whether or not he should tell her about Claire.

His worry there might be all for naught. She could come through the door at any moment, or Claude could, or his phone could light up with an assurance…. No, he would not tell Tracy. Not if it wasn’t necessary. Not yet. 

However— Noah cleared his throat. “Have you, um, talked to Claire recently?”

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Trouble is Coming || Walter & Noah || V6 W6 Thursday Morning


Walter smiled, pleasantly, a deep touch of menace to it. “There isn’t going to be a debate Mr. Bennet.” He said plainly, “Because I will win it.” He gave him a hard stare. The message was simple. Crisp and clear, enough with the games. 

"I don’t mind telling you my plans at all," He said, "Because I will protect the men and women in this city to the best of my ability. From all threats. Whether overseas…or domestic.” He laced his fingers together. “Enough with the games.” He said, a smug smile growing on his face. “I was never one for hide and seek.” 

The school posed a tremendous threat to normal people everywhere. Not only did it help these mutants to control their abilities and use them as weapons, but it was encouraging these things in their society. It was a mutation, and it had to be fought. For the good of everyone. 

Specials were monsters. They’d seen it, time and time again. 

"I’m going to shut you down." 

Noah’s polite smile grew cold. “Clearly, your priorities are skewed. A travesty, for the position you are in.” He licked his lips before tilting his head slightly, assessing the newly unmasked appearance of Walter. The man was all that the company man had dreaded finding.

"I see part of myself in you — a part that has been dead a long time," he shrugged, before narrowing his eyes at Walter. "It is truly fascinating, from the perspective of looking back on my own… choices. Tell me, Mr. Booth, do you blame all the people like us when one person robs, murders, kidnaps? Do you blame a town or a community for the actions of a few?"

He opened his hands for a moment, gesturing wide before settling them on his lap. “Of course not. That… that is ludicrous. And I believe that most of us living in the real world will recognize that.”

He stared for a beat at Walter before rising and moving to stand behind the guest chair. “You will meet resistance with that notion. By all means, give it your best shot. I won’t stop you — we live in a free country.”

"But no matter what your ego tells you," Noah’s voice grew firm as he gripped the back of the chair, "you will not win at shutting down what we are doing." Straightening, he smiled without emotion again. "I wish I could say this had been a pleasure."

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A Calling of Sorts || Shay & Noah || V6 W7 || Thursday Morning


Shay smirked at him. “That’s what I thought. Always a ton of paperwork, isn’t there. I wonder how long it’s going to take me. I don’t really have all day, so hopefully it won’t take more than an hour.” she mused, crossing her legs and leaning back in the chair with her hands placed over top her knees.

"Anyway. My demands. They’re very simple. Take notes if you want. Stay out of my way, my house, my car. And only intervene if I look desperate. And I don’t want a tail all the time. That gets old really fast and is easy for others to plan around. Oh and one more. Don’t bother or tail Robert. He’s not their concern. Just me." She smiled, jutting her jaw. "See…simple enough to go by."

He stayed in the position he was, only nodding occasionally to what she had said. A simple enough list. A list he had expected most elements of. “Constant tailing details are outdated,” Noah commented simply, waving off the notion. If anything, it lured the whole lot into a sense of complacency. That one had been learned from experience already.

"Simple enough," he echoed, before straightening. "Alright. Those terms can be met. And— while I would like to have more information on Robert and his… activities, redirecting resources from you to him would be dangerous. You both are allies, Shay."

He glanced once between Shay and the door. “There is nothing else I have questions about, right now. If you want, you can get started on the tedious paperwork as soon as possible.” He smiled slight. “It shouldn’t take all day.”

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It’s the Arms || Tracy & Noah || V6 W7 || Thursday Evening


"Suuuure—" She grinned at him, wobbling slightly on her feet. "Youu can shoot him latteeer." She raised her brows heavily, as if she was testing out their weight more than making any kind of facial expression. "Goood, no taxis. I hatee taxis." She slurred, holding onto his arm as she allowed him to lead her out of the bar and into the cold air. "Oh!" She exclaimed on feeling it, shivering slightly, and glancing at Noah with a giggle. "It’s cold—pretty cold." She seemed to find the concept ridiculously funny, laughing hard enough to cause her to snort through her nose. 

"Wee gonna hit ‘notherr place?" She asked, not completely certain where he was taking her. At this point she didn’t rightly care, so long as she had a good time there. A good time could make any place good, even a bad place right? Or maybe it was the other way around….at any rate she was having a good time right now. 

And Noah’s arms were nice. 

"Good, protect my shoes—-" She suddenly said, blinking again. "Anndd don’tt wear theem. They’ree too smaall. And it’dd bee ridiculouss. You’d kill yerseelf." She said, shaking her head. "Dunno how I don”ttt." She confessed. "They’ree stupid."

He smirked. “Yeah, let’s do that later.” They wouldn’t be, but Noah went along with it. It wasn’t entirely clear to him whether it was a positive or negative that Tracy expected him to shoot the thief. But then, he should not be examining how her inebriated mind works, as much as he is.

Helping direct her out of the bar, hand still on her shoulder, he felt her shiver before she giggled. “Here—” Noah shrugged out of his coat awkwardly, shifting her shoes from hand to hand. He draped it over her shoulders, waiting to let go of it until she grabbed hold of part of it. The fabric practically swam around her. “That should help. And no, I don’t think going to another bar would be the best course of events right now.” He gestured to his car as they walked towards where it was parked. “I’m going to take you home, Tracy. And there, you can keep drinking to your heart’s content, if that is what you want to do.”

Noah nearly burst out laughing at the notion of him wearing her shoes. That would be…. There weren’t enough adequate words in the English language for that experience and look. Instead, he smiled. “For one, I think they are your size. And I am going to guess that you have had the practice in them.” He unlocked the car, holding the door open to her. For a moment, once more, his tone took on a more serious note. “If you don’t like them, don’t wear them. Keep going against the tide.” He smiled at Tracy. “Wear comfortable shoes. You never know, you may end up being the envy of everyone else in your work. You couldn’t look bad in anything.”

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The Start Is The Bumpiest Part || Claude & Noah || 1991

Noah cut the engine after pulling into a convenient spot across the street of their subject’s bungalow home. He lowered the windows halfway, for the sake of keeping the engine off and quiet. When attempting to track the man that killed his wife, he had gone mostly undetected, yes, but he did make sloppy work of it, all the same.

The Company wouldn’t accept that now. Especially not on a first assignment. He glanced over to his new partner, Claude. They had not done much together until now. Two weeks passed had passed between now and when they were introduced, in Thompson’s office. Paperwork and minimal training, a few short tests to go through.

A part of him was nervous, actually. Noah simply wanted this assignment to go off without a hitch. To learn without too many bumps. And to hopefully find out that his partner was a tolerable person, the longer they were in the same forced proximity.

"Alright, how do you want to approach him? Wait here for a while and observe, or go to him?" He asked Claude casually.

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Veritas. Did you mean that? That you trust me? Why?

"Without a doubt. You may… hide, and have a temper, and resist any way you could be seen as a hero… but you might as well be one. You are a good person. You have saved people… and you’ve tried to save a lot more."

"You hate me, but you keep helping me for the sake of others. For Claire…. If you were any less of a good person, you would have killed me a long time ago. You would have never checked up on Claire’s well being."

"You wouldn’t have cared. But you still did."

"If I didn’t trust you, I would be a downright idiot."

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Veritas. Do you ever if might be if things had turned out different?

"…All the time." He looked away, frowning. "I hate to think about it. There’s no point when we’re stuck here — when I’m stuck, with the choices I made…. But I can’t help it."

His gaze shifted then, going a little out of focus as he saw a picture that was purely imagined. “If I had trusted you more, back then. If I had been able to catch what they were planning before they did it. If they had never put us in that car towards that bridge in the first place, with that choice.”

"…I don’t know, if we would all be happier." He wryly smiled. "But it is easier to imagine it that way, isn’t it?"

Anonymous asked:

Veritas. If you were posed with a decision, that would either destroy Claire or kill Claude, who would you choose?

"I—" He closed his eyes to that for a moment, expression falling close to that of despair. "I wish for Claude’s sake that I could say ‘I don’t know’. But I do…. And I hate to admit it. I hate knowing it."

"I would have to… at that time… knowingly and willingly choose to save Claire… and kill Claude."

"I couldn’t let my baby girl be destroyed. Not at any cost."


It’s the Arms || Tracy & Noah || V6 W7 || Thursday Evening


"Yeaah, superior. An don’t ferget it mistah—" She managed, before glancing down at the aforementioned shoes. Surprised slightly as she found herself tilting before straightening. She’d completely forgotten about them. "Haang on." She said, using his shoulder for support as she bent down, wobbling a bit as she worked the shoes off. Deciding to go on without them. "I hate theeem anywaay." She slurred, blinking and shaking her head. 

"Bu— That’s nott aall I hate." She mused out loud, "I haate my job, the dickss I work  with, an’ Walteeer is really a dick you know?" She blinked again, almost owlishly, her eyelids heavy. "The shoees. The stupiiid purse, aand I hate taxis." She said, "And Anime." She shrugged, stumbling slightly. 

She rolled her eyes dramatically, “If I saaw him I would’a froze the assholee Noaaah.” She put a hand on the bar, steadying herself. “That’ whsy he’sh a thieef. Doesn’t let anyone seeee hiim.” She leaned forward slightly, laughing drunkenly. “You work toooo haard.” She grinned goofily, “Lighten up mistaah.” She dumped the shoes in his hands, “Take care of m’shoees.”

"Are you—" He began to ask before stopping himself. Yes, Tracy was most definitely moving to take off her shoes. Likely for the best; except that now she was barefoot. Noah bit the smile back that threatened to bloom from the few inches of height difference that suddenly made.

He pressed his lips together instead at her string of confessions. “Hm, I don’t think freezing him would have been a very good idea — thief or not.” Noah mock-whispered, “Then you would have to deal with that dick Walter more.” When she grinned, he mirrored the expression, having fun in a way with seeing her like this. “I’ll try. But it’s not easy,” he shrugged, before quickly taking hold of the shoes.

"Alright. I will protect them with my life. But," he nodded his head to the door, "if there’s no other explanation for your purse’s location than a thief, then we should get out of here. Okay? And no taxis you hate, either," he ended, teasing. It was not ideal in the least if her purse had been stolen — especially given her position, who she was. But they might as well set about rectifying the damage of that later, tomorrow, when she was actually sober. And for now, the best place for her to be was in the safety of her home.

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Thoughts Rewind // Claude & Noah // V6 W7 Monday Evening


Claude nodded, keeping it quiet. That was good, not letting that psycho know what they were up to was even better. Inwardly he grimaced at what he’d done, knowing that he was probably on the lunatic’s hit list now too. Although….what else could he have done? Stand by and let Noah’s mind be probed by that work of art? Tortured even? 

No, he couldn’t stand by in good conscience and do that. 

There hadn’t been a choice, he’d just done what had to be done. Hopefully, that would be an end to it. But Claude knew enough of the world not to think it likely. Grudges and debts were things that were never forgotten. Especially where nutcases like Albert were concerned. 

Then, Noah spoke again, mentioning how late it was. “Fine. Whatever—” Claude shrugged it off. “I’ll be around.” 

That was all he said before turning around and walking back the way he’d come. Wondering if he was an idiot or bloody fool, whether there was any difference between them, and which was worse? He was inclined to think that both titles seemed apt descriptions at this moment. 

He didn’t use his ability this time, as he usually did. Giving Noah that peace of mind, proving that he had gone. He was going to regret this entire stupid idea somewhere along the line. He just knew it.

Noah nodded once more, saying nothing else further. There was not much else to say, right now — and there was not much that he felt like saying, either. He had to think — over everything — and sleep, too. Heal.

The calm manner in which he and Claude were interacting right now left him with a small sentiment of peaceful hope. Hope that they could keep existing without killing each other, and that Claude would truly help in the mess that was Claire’s kidnapping and the various threats against the school, Specials.

The other man was reluctant, of course, but Noah did not try to reinforce how ‘right’ the decision to help was. They were both where they had to be to accomplish the most good, potentially — for now. And they both had their selfish reasons alongside the ‘right’ ones. There was no need to draw it out, make Claude regret the whole thing sooner than he likely would.

He only watched as Claude left, walking down the stairs. It was after the man was truly out of sight that he closed the door, taking a deep breath and frowning, already thinking once more about all the things he — they — could do to try to find Claire.